My enclosure has a screen on the top, how can i fix this?


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Oct 21, 2020
"They reveal naught but lies, falsehoods and deceptions." -Of Maya - Bittersweet, unfinished
They also let you see what’s physically in front of you. Not sure where the philosophy plays a part in detecting a “fully functional plant,” unless maybe you were describing the floor plans of your soul.

Matt Man

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Jul 4, 2017
@Matt Man The kind of place I would target when looking for some work. I've done stints in industrial plants, helped wire a few, helped a couple of places through OSHA enemas and two hospitals through JCAH inspections. I can spot a properly laid out, thought out fully functional plant in the dark with my eyes closed.
Coincidentally I worked in a print shop for a while for a friend. The antithesis of your place. Three print shops glopped together then haphazardly crammed into a warehouse. The fork lift damaged three offsets in the space of the four months I worked there. Unreal mess.
But you did set off one little alarm bell. Shipping and receiving near to a clean room. I'm presuming double doors and an isolation hallway.
it's about 65 feet to the bay doors and the entrance to the clean room is below and behind me. Roughly 75 feet and yes the clean room faces the opposite direction and is sealed. We have another room in the building next door that houses the Indigos, it is both Temp and Humidity enclosed. When all this madness ends, and if you ever get to SoCal I can take you on a tour.

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Aug 8, 2005
When all this madness ends, and if you ever get to SoCal I can take you on a tour.
That might just be the most tempting reason I have been given to go over for visit. Turning me loose in a gadget filled factory is like letting a dog loose in a meat packing plant.