My Emp is unhappy


Mar 14, 2003
Ok, I'm really new to the world of arachnids. I have a G. rosea that was unhappy when I first got it.. It always stayed on the wall. I changed the substrade to bone dry peat, and gave it a hide, and it seems a lot happier(when I see it out of its hide).

I got an adult P. Imperator yesterday and he's trying like mad to escape from his tank, just like my Rosea was when I first got it.
He eventually gave up and fell asleep on his water dish.

I'm guessing since he stays on his water dish, he's not moist enough.. I was kind of in a hurry to set up the tank, so right now he's got abour 2 inches of peat, and its pretty moist. Maybe too moist? He has a large water dish. He is in a medium sized pet pal..

My room gets a bit chilly, so I'm going to go get him a heat mat today. Also what kind of a hide should I get him? Does he need more substrate?

Any advice would help out.. thanks.


Jul 24, 2002
Emps like to dig. 3-5" inches of substrate will allow it to do this though you will rarely see the scorpion. They also like high (80%+) humidity and warm (80-85F) temps...though they can take the temps a bit lower at night. If your substrate is moist, but not wet, that should be adequate for te scorp. You may want to close off most of the lid with either plastic wrap or plexiglas to help keep the humidity up.