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My dog killed one of my Ts.

Discussion in 'Tarantula Chat' started by ZestyVenmon, May 1, 2016.

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    So as you read, had a horror story with one of my dogs. While doing my spot cleaning and water dish duties, my dog thought it'd jump on the table I do all my duties on and while it did this. It knocked off my Psalmopoeus Irminia slings enclosure. The T survived the drop and was making its way to an area I could easily catch it in. So I left it to head to there and calm down. I got both my dogs out of the room then proceeded to cup catch. My Pit heard rustling of a package and bolted in the door, saw my T avoiding the cup, barged me out of the way and ate my T. My dog hasn't look at me the same since.
  2. Not good. Sorry, that really sucks but I gotta ask... Why was the dog allowed in there in the first place? You do realize their venom is potentially deadly to your dogs right? Really sucks to lose a T but your dog couldn't have gotten the worst of it had it been a larger T. For future purposes general rule in my house is no dogs allowed in the room my spiders are in when anything is being done. If they can't stay away from the cages at all then not allowed at all. I've got a out and a mastiff and they know better than to go in there when Dad is doing stuff with the "weird looking creatures". Sorry again, lesson learned I guess.
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  3. Is your dog by any chance a mongoose??
  4. Toxoderidae

    Toxoderidae Arachnoprince

    Yeah I feel entirely this was your fault man.. There's really nothing otherwise I can say. I have a pit and 2 cats myself, I always make sure they're locked out before I do any T work.
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  5. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX ArachnoGod Active Member

    I'm lucky, one of my male Cats is the guardian of my room (when i'm not home) where T's of all sorts are, sleeping on the bed or in the chair, nothing never happened in 25 years of T's & Cats. I love his funny reaction when he spots my 0.1 P.cambridgei crawling on the enclosure walls for a poop, he opens one eye, watch her, then turns to sleep again, lol :)

    But when i work with T's, no matter which (80% are high strung NW and African 'Baboons') they aren't allowed in.
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  6. cold blood

    cold blood Moderator Staff Member

    Can you say...basic obedience training??o_O

    My dog has full access to the t room, its not even a slight worry for me:)

    Sorry for the loss, looks like the door should be closed next time.
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  7. This saddens me to read. I am sorry to hear you lost your T like that.

    I recently lost my dog to poisoning from Bufo toad while we were on vacation in spain.

    Since then I kinda freaked out a bit about animal venom/poison and had put a lock on my T room to keep all pets out in case of any mishaps. Be it a T biting one of the dogs or cats, or the dogs eating the Ts and the cats mauling the hell out of them for the sake of it.

    Whenever you're doing the mainantence, best keep the dogs locked away.
  8. Chris LXXIX

    Chris LXXIX ArachnoGod Active Member

    It's a myth that Dogs (and Cats!) and Theraphosidae doesn't mix. It's only about "you", and your ability, experience, "know how" of them. I started with Theraphosidae in 1992, and i always had lots (more T's of course) of both. Why i never had a problem, a bite, a Dog/Cat eating/destroying those, or crashing to the floor an enclosure?

    Only luck? Really, Cips, aka "Il magro" (the "Slim", in English) aka "Picous" (local dialect word we use for "slim") aka "Cipsino" (cute one) guards all my T's (Baboons and NW high strung mostly, save for a couple of 'Grammo', a 'Genic' and a 'GBB') from years, when i'm not home. He open/close the door by himself, if he need to exit the room for eat, or go outside (yeah, i'm lucky enough to don't even lock my main door, lol, i live in the center of the city, but isolated from the annoying rest).

    They "know" what a "no" means, but there's no need because they are free to go outside storming the hood, hunting for "those who fly" (save for my Bats, of course. I have/use Bats against mosquitoes) such pidgeons, and the locals are happy (here the hate against those is routine, lol, my Bro care for them, and i side with him) but "nature is nature", and Cats are class A predators so i don't interfere into equilibrium laws.

    The Cat-astrophe or other issues happens due to owners, two legged, errors. Just like those folks who talks about Theraphosidae "little brain", or they have "no brain" (lol) then those geniuses, handle venomous inverts and asks (lol!) how "the best way" for handle is!

    On the other hand, i hereby declare that Dogs, and Cats, and T's and etc, are more wise and intelligents than certain people :)
    Last edited: May 1, 2016
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  9. I dunno maybe luck is a possibility. I live with my gf and her Bengal cat and the thing is wild. There is no doubt what so ever she would manage to get in at the Ts. They enjoy the hunt and kill aspect and they are too clever and curious for their own good.

    The gf was worried for her cat. After her seeing what happened to my dog the prescence of the Ts un-nerved her. I respected her opinion but I was worried about her little house leopard getting in the T room. So I shoved the lock on there for good measure.

    At the end of the day rather safe than sorry.
  10. Sucks this happened but it sounds like your dog needs some serious training. Both of my dogs can be called off of what they are doing, regardless of excitement. It was a looong road of training and headaches but really worth it in the end. My retriever is especially obedient. Id work with that dog if I were you to prevent these kinds of things or worse in the future. By worse I mean the dog chasing something into traffic, etc.
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  11. Methal

    Methal Arachnosquire

    I'd shoot the dog. this coming from someone highly allergic, and generally can't stand dogs in a "GET OFF MAH LAWN!" sort of way....i'll show myself out...
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  12. It is never the dog there is something wrong with, it is the owner there need some serious dog training.
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