My corn snake laid eggs without mating


Jun 27, 2016
I looked into my biggest corn snakes cage and saw that she laid a few eggs! A few looked fertile but I'm going to check to make sure. I have heard of people reporting them being able to store sperm for 7 years and we had her for about 5. Also she was caught her from my backyard so it could be possible that a few are fertile if they can actually hold sperm that long. She first laid about 2 or 3 slugs and then she laid even more the next day. Though few of these ones were white and shaped correctly as if they were fertile! Also if you want you can give me some tips on incubating snake eggs. I honestly don't have any supplies as they are all just pets so if you can tell me what to do if they are fertile. Also is it normal for them to not want to eat after laying her eggs for a bit? Can they really store sperm for that long? If a few are fertile I'll make sure to post an update. I'm so excited about these eggs!


Jan 23, 2017
Interesting that she chose to lay them, especially if she had been holding sperm that long. I am not into colubrids that much but I was able to find out that incubating in humid substrate like vermiculite or "HatchRite" between 78-84F should take approximately 60 days to hatch. HatchRite can be found at many specialist reptile pet stores or online. If you don't want to buy an incubator, you can use a small sterilite tub. Just be sure to keep it in an area away from direct sunlight, but that stays in the recommended temperatures.

Best of luck on the possibly fertile eggs!