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My centipedes(Sc. gigantea & Sc.aff.gigantea) eating frog & fig~

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by trexpp, Oct 4, 2019.

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    Hello guys,
    These are the videos that my centipedes eating frog & fig.
    I hope you guys enjoy it.

    1. Sc.aff.gigantea eating frog

    2. Sc.gigantea eating frog

    3. Both centipedes eating fig
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  2. I've heard that centipedes will eat fruit, how often is this included in their diet?
  3. Scoly

    Scoly Arachnobaron Active Member

    Nice specimens. Not sure I like the live feeding of vertebrates, but each to their own. I heard from someone who bred Scolopendra mutilans in bulk that frogs are best avoided because of the number of parasites they contain, but I don't have any solid info, and maybe its just farmed Scolopendra mutilans which are a bit more fragile.

    Most keepers don't feed fruit and have had no problem. Some keepers say fruit once a month. Personally I only use banana because of the crazy nutrient content and the fact they have very little pesticides, but only do it a few times a year. The feeder colonies of roaches get bananas all the time.
  4. I usually feed them once a month.
    Thank you for your reply :)
  5. Thank you for your reply :)
    I think your opinion(frogs are best avoided because of the number of parasites they contain) seems right. But, These frogs have been raised from the farm. So. I think it isn't likely to have lots of parasites...
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