My brothers lesson.


Jan 9, 2023
Last year at the end of summer i decided to get my brother a G.Pulchripes sling for his birthday. Since he was around 10 (hes 20 now) i have always included him in feeding and learning about my inverts (scorpions and mantis at that time). As he got older i would buy him his own mantis and he would raise them at our mothers house where he lives. He has raised the sling very well and its doing great and feeding and molting well in his care BUT, I had a message last night and it read:
" I opened the spiders enclosure to feed her and shes bolted out over my hand and down the back of my desk and i cant find her". My heart dropped. My other family members aren't to keen on tarantulas, especially my step sister and i knew this would be a massive problem.

I replied and told him to check every little thing on the floor and remove the desk as carefully as possible to reduce any harm that may come to her. Within 10 minutes i had a reply saying that he had found her on a towel, on the radiator enjoying the heat:rofl:
The relief i felt was immense so i cant imagine how he felt.

I had a stern word with him and told him to feed her either in the bath or use a big storage tub (with tissue and bits of cork bark so they can hide in there) like me to reduce the chance of her bolting and escaping again and NEVER feed on his desk again.

Its safe to say he was shaken up and he had learned a very valuable lesson. The outcome was the best case scenario and in a way i'm glad that he now has had this experience and HOPEFULLY this wont happen again.

It was a stressful 10 minutes.

me and my Ts

Mar 20, 2021
I had an O. phillipinus sling do that once. It was very stressful. I searched for about 30 minutes but still couldn’t find them. So I turned off the lights for about 10 minutes and thankfully when I came back they were sitting on my wall. I keep my room much much cleaner since that happened.