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my 7 c. exilicauda terrarium + babies?

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by many many legs, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. many many legs

    many many legs Arachnosquire

    Hi all, I finally made a communal home for my 7 c. exilicauda! I got the soil, rocks, plants and wood locally. Made a bunch of hides, but they basically all cuddle up in that big Cholla wood on the left during the day and prowl at night. Oh, and the sand stone has actual shell fossils imprinted on them!
    Anyway, just wanted to share, but also there may be scorplings on the way...
    These two started a courtship dance that's been going on for over 24 hours (its a bit blurry, but you can see them in the terrarium pic above too).
    Courtship Dance.jpg
    So far everyone's happy and climbing on everything. I'm a game designer by trade and I feel like I've made a solid level for my little players. If I do get babies tho, should I separate mom?
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  2. FrankiePinchinatti

    FrankiePinchinatti Arachnosquire Active Member

    Looks nice, I'm sure they feel right at home!

    I'm not sure about that specific species, but I think it's usually just safest to put mom and the babies in a separate tank. Most of the time everything went fine for me with them in the same enclosure, but one time another mom killed half the babies off of one before I noticed. And another time I found another adult munching on one.
  3. bobthehobo9

    bobthehobo9 ArachnoPilot Old Timer

    Great looking enclosure! I’ve kept communal c. sculpturatus in the past and never removed mom or babies. However, they have been known to cannibalize babies. If you want the greatest chance of all of the babies surviving, I’d remove the mom when they’re born and then separate the babies once they leave mom and then put her back in the communal enclosure.
  4. many many legs

    many many legs Arachnosquire

    Welp, after a 48 hour dance, a cricket came hopping by, she went for it, he tried to get her attention back and she just got pissed and chased him all over the cage until he hid in the cholla wood. so. maybe no babies for a while lol
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