Multiple broods?


Jun 4, 2016
Hey all just curious sorry of this is common knowledge, but are scorpions ( heterometrus spinifer in particular ) capable of saving sperms for multiple clutches? My heterometrus spinifer i got approximately 4 months ago (which according to the petsmart girl) had a brood of babies a few days before I came in and ate them all. She was quite plump so I could see it happening, especially with the conditions the poor girl was in.

Since then she slimmed down a bit and has recently plumped back up (with no change in feeding schedule) and has been rather defensive. Should I keep an eye out for anow unlikely brood? Or is that just not possible?


Feb 7, 2012
Yes , almost all my species have 2-4 broods per " breeding ". Typically your first brood will be the highest number and if she has 3-4 broods, the number of babies will be a much much smaller count. Make sure your females are well feed. It's pretty amazing!!!!
Provide a nice large hide ( cork bark or ? ) for her and put the enclosure in a dark place. Mist the enclosure once a week and leave her alone. Personaly I still feed my females whether they are gravid or have young on her back. But a lot of folks do not feed during this time. Good luck !!!