Multi-Species Enclosure


Old Timer
Mar 21, 2005
After a brief hunt today, I've added a Hemiscolopendra marginata, quite a few small termites (to help feed the smaller critters), some adult female crickets that started laying eggs as soon as they hit the ground and a small orb weaver that appears to be an argiope of some sort (too small for my eyes to tell). The pede I put in is a beautiful blueish green and maybe a couple inches long. I forgot that awhile back when I was setting everything up the first time, I added several grubs of unknown variety and I suppose the larger pede has been feasting on those as I haven't seen the grubs but when I've seen the pede it's nice and fat and healthy. One question, I've tried feeding termites in the past but I have no idea whether it was successful or not since I can't tell if any are missing. Has anybody here tried feeding termites? Did it work out ok? I rolled a log that was full of them and I brought home a couple hundred or so. I have no idea if they will breed, maintain their numbers or simply die off. They're about half the size of a grain of rice so I hope the baby scorpions can eat them if they come across them.