Most Aggressive Hot Scorpion


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Jan 6, 2003
Originally posted by jper26
Has anybody ever kept a buthacus arenicola ? A couple of dealers have been getting them in lately.

Of course. Buthacus arenicola are the only thinner tailed Buthidae scorpion I have ever kept which hold the cauda just like Parabuthus at all times (overhead with a slight tilt) and always seems to strike with the sting at pretty much anything that comes near them. A great desert scorpion species for someone who likes similar appearances of L. quinquestriatus without having quite the potency. This scorpion species is often confused with the Deathstalker (Five-keeled Golden) because of the coloration. I have purchased a number of them while expecting to recieve Deathstalkers and always from VERY reputable dealers. Five keeled golden's ID key is *lol* five keels on the first two segments of the tergite, and three on all the other tergite segments, while B. arenicola has three crossing all tergite segments and color morphs which make them appear as though they have five (dark lines on the tergite segments can often be misleading). The keeping should be comparable to the DS scorpion, A. australis and many other desert species. I can give you much more detail if you'd like.

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Feb 1, 2017
By far the most active / aggressive / fast hot scorpions ive experienced personaly are
1. Androctonus Australis Hector
By far the most aggressive and quickest
2. Leiurus Hebraeus orange
The most active / skittish
3. Androctonus Mauretanicus
Skittish and fast