more aggressive post-molt?


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Jan 14, 2007
Hey everyone,

As of last week each of my Ts (I have 6 now) has molted while in my care (I have a list of what I own as my "signature" found at the bottom of my post).

Anyways, I follow the general rules pertaining to post-molt feeding (waiting a few days/making sure the fangs are black and hardened, ect) but I’ve recently made an observation that has got me thinking worried thoughts:

Essentially, I’ve noticed that the Ts are HUNGRY after a molt, pouncing on the crickets as soon as they hit the substrate. While it's very entertaining to watch, it has me concerned. Pre-molt I was very comfortable doing tank maintenance and getting close to each of the Ts. They were a lot slower and would barely even strike at a cricket on the first encounter, let alone my big hand.

But post-molt they’ve become striking machines and it’s made me hesitant to reach inside the tanks for fear that I’ll be mistaken as food.

I really don't want to get bitten.

Do my fears have any basis? How long do you guys (and gals) wait before you can comfortably get inside the tanks again post-molt? Perhaps a better question is how long do you wait before you can comfortably handle them without worrying about a strike? (Granted, you can never know for SURE when a T will strike, but are there any clues or general warning signs you make note of)

Thanks to everyone for reading and thanks in advance for any tips/advice...



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Feb 13, 2006
Well yes and no.... if you dont want to get bit dont stick your hand in there. With my more defensive species I use 12" tongs, I use them to get the water dish and clean it out, to drop food in, everything.
Pre molt they have a whole new layer of skin growing so they are less sensitive and a bit slow to react. Post molt they are somewhat hypersensitive...... but they only react to whats around them, so if you dont want to get bit, try and keep your hands clear of them. :rolleyes:


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Mar 20, 2005
I have found that it is easier to do tank work while the T is eating they seem less prone to react to me as they are busy consuming a meal.


Dec 29, 2006
all of the T's you have there are really quite docile normally so you shouldn't have any problems with them. personally i don't feed mine for a couple days after the moult just to give it time for the new skin to harden a little and to make sure the food doesn't harm the spider so by that time they have usually calmed down a bit and are less defensive.