Molt or mystery death ?


Oct 13, 2011
You can buy huge bricks of it in the garden section of walmart. I use it, it's safe.

OR, consider putting this hobby on hold until you have your own place and you can afford to care for them correctly. I try not to say anything because I know you're struggling, but it's really irresponsible for you to keep tarantulas when they keep dying like this. I know I have seen those pictures of that LPs enclosure. I know people told you it was not suitable, and now you have a dead spider.
It’s the soil , I need to stop buying it at Home Depot it’s terrible.
I’m removing this spider , I added moss to that lp cage . Home Depot top soil is too hard I need to switch substrates, or get a sifters to get the micro rocks that must be in there out.

you can find it at popular supermarkets' garden centers for like $1.50 for a huge block.
I’ve never found it that cheap near me $&8 for 3 bricks at pet store . Walmart did not have it .
Any ideas were to find it in canton, oh? CHeap
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