Mold in Excavator Clay Substrate


Dec 31, 2016
Sorry if this is a bit repetitive, but I need some advice regarding mold in my M. balfouri enclosure. The substrate consists of 1:1 of Zoomed Excavator Clay and White Sand and I just rehoused the T in this enclosure 2 weeks ago. Having experience with this substrate, it will take longer to redo the enclosure again since this substrate is harder to manipulate than an enclosure with just coco fiber. So I am trying to avoid redoing the enclosure again. Anyway, I saw a small patch of white mold in the substrate that is against the glass along with the grapewood. There doesn't seem to be that much mold but I am afraid there are more elsewhere. The mold is near the bottom of the enclosure so I honestly can't spot clean. Also, the water dish is nowhere near the mold. Currently, I placed a temporary small heat mat on the mold spot hoping to maybe dry out the substrate. (Excavator Clay require water to shape so there is still a small amount of moisture near the bottom of the enclosure). I also have a very small computer fan that is running right now hoping to dry out the substrate. I have no plans of keeping the substrate moist since balfouris are desert dwelling sp. Overall, can I get some suggestions please?

The Grym Reaper

Jul 19, 2016
I'd imagine it'd be fine to just leave it to dry out, it'll eventually use up any nutrients where it is situated and die off, small spots of white mould aren't going to kill your tarantulas, you've already said you don't plan to add any extra moisture so just make sure there's adequate ventilation and let it run its course.

If it starts spreading out of control then you will probably need to rehouse.