mold, and the vibrating spider


Feb 19, 2003
ok I just fed my baby goliath, and before doing the normal cricket dance, he started vibrating. he lifted his front end and shook up and down incredibly fast he did this twice and then proceeded to do the normal cricket dance any thoughts on why he did that. and the bigger problem I got some blueish mold growing on my log retreat how should I get rid of it? I allready cut off some of the seran wrap to allow more airflow and the mold is just on the log so i was thinking if I took it out and microwaved it that would probably kill anything on it.


Old Timer
Mar 1, 2003
My way of removing dirty mold off of things is very fun. haha. and it works good, first, get a cup or bowl and turn on your sink and let the water keep running into it, burning hot water... and leave the log in tere or molded thing and let it flop around and get all hot and burnt, then... this is the best part... put it in the frezzer for like 15 minutes, then take it out, let it thaw and then its all better... it works really good, so you kill mold that can survive heat with the frezzing and you kill mold that can survive frezzing with heat. its a fun process. try it!! haha hope that helps.=D =D =D