MM coming home after breeding loans??


Old Timer
Apr 15, 2007
After reading the following thread, Varden's last post got me thinking:

All three of my males did mate, not only with my girls but all were sent out to wander to as many other females as he could reach before I felt he was no longer viable. Then they wandered back to me to live out the rest of their days on my retirement shelf (they monopolize the TV and drink beer all day, what can I say--typical males).
That's way cool! :D i have already decided that i am going to send out any T's i have that hook out. It doesn't really seem fair to let them walk endless laps around their enclosure for nothing their last of days. i am not experienced in breeding so i will most likely not have any females of my own to match them with.

i recently acquired a freshly MM OBT to mate with one of my girls which seemed to go successfully. i'm hoping my other female will hurry up and molt because i just 'know' she will soon if i breed her and she needs to! i almost feel bad hanging on to this guy while waiting for her because he never stops going all night. He's like the ever ready OBT!

Even if they don't live a long time after mating, i'd still like to get mine back to care for them myself once they've had their share of fun. i guess i'm just too much of a softie to throw them in with a female until they become her source of nutrition. :(

Just curious how often MM sent out on breeding loan survive mating to return to the original owner?