Aug 5, 2017
I just found out i have mites in my superworms container. Ive been having itch for the past week and i thought it was just because of my b.boehmei is a flicker, but now im thinking my room could be infested with mites. I have an idea where the mites came from. I think its from the containers of one of the Ts i bought. I washed that container and thought i got rid of the bad stuff and reused that container. How can i get rid of mites? I threw the container away. I checked my Ts and there seems to be no mites on them or their enclosure.


Sep 14, 2014
I only keep (unwillingly) mealies -- I find dry and well ventilated is best way to keep them. For a long while, I didn't even keep a lid on enclosure to make sure no moisture at all could build up.

I had grain mites once... oh man -- never again! I ended up just tossing the mealie colony and starting over. I wiped down all surfaces affected in my home with vinegar (some use alcohol) on paper towels. I think I used furniture polish on wood surfaces -- my goal was to wipe up as many as possible and toss cloths in outside garbage. But the real key is low humidity -- dry things out! I don't think grain mites are necessarily dangerous (you seem to be allergic) but if they get out of control -- it's crazy! I doubt they will bother any Ts kept dry -- but if you have a species you keep damp... it's a risk they will find that tank. Again, grain mites are not considered dangerous as much as just a nuisance.

I absolutely despise mites of any sort.