Mites on 4th Instar C gracilis?


Nov 3, 2019
Hello everyone,

I have been raising a large group of C gracilis and C sculturatus in individual deli cup enclosures. I went to feed them today and I noticed that one of them appears to have something on it, potentially mites. They appear to be small and white and they do move of their own accord. Attached is a picture. They can be seen on the anterior, dorsal section of the scorpion. They seem to be clustered in a group. Can anyone verify these are mites or tell me if they are not? Are these something that could harm the scorpion and if so is there any effective way to get rid of them? I keep all the enclosures in one incubator. Are these likely to spread between enclosures? I am currently checking the others and I haven't seen anything yet. Hopefully it stays that way.

Thank for the help KIMG0094.JPG