Mites and Fungus Gnats


Apr 9, 2011
Damnit, does anyone else's eco-earth seem to come with the free gift of bloody mites in the package? My scorpion tank has a disturbing amount of the little buggers in it. Time for a complete annihilation of the little turds.
I've also got loads of weird plants at home, and these little fungus gnat <edit> are flying into the little air vents of my tarantula's tanks to lay their eggs in the nice moist substrate. Bastards. Stresses me out seeing the little turds flying about in there. Anyone got any ideas on how to eradicate this menace? My temporary solution is doing a quick round with a lighter on full blast when the t's are very safely tucked away. But even one of these little <edit> can lay 200 eggs. ugh. . if money wasn't so tight i'd get a nice big glass door cabinet bookcase-y thing and keep my t's behind closed doors, but for now, i'm thinking its gonna be a complete overhaul on all my tanks. And i think i'm gonna have to get a new lid for these tanks... close knit wire mesh maybe? or will that cause humidity problems?

damn summer and these annoying little <edit>.
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