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Jul 31, 2010
He put out an ad for free P. Boreus scorpions.

I paid shipping and the following week received a grand total of 6 of what I believe are juveniles, all alive and well.

Although, one promptly offed it's self in by wedging it self between the wall of the water dish and the pebbles in the water. The other 5 are feisty and hungry.

I'd buy from him again in the future if it was available (and not talking just free deals) Only complaint was the scorpions could have used more padding in their little containers but it seemed to be a non issue this time as they were all quite aggressive when unpacked.


Old Timer
Apr 19, 2007
too much padding (coir in this case) reduces air exchange and promotes moisture, Scorps are tough and can handle a little tumbling. But they dont do so well packed in a humid crevice, especially desert species. I could have put more padding, but I've always had best results with that exact ammount.

With web-spiders, I allow them to build a web first and ship without substrate.

With Ts, it's heavy padding, minimizing movement, and maintaining humidity depending on species.

Trapdoors I send in slightly damp substrate, in completely filled containers to minimize exposure stress and movement.

My general rule for any desert-dwelling animal or plant, is that if temps cannot be kept high, then they must be kept in an airy space preventing moisture from being constantly against them.

also, those are not juveniles, they are all adult males.


Old Timer
Oct 14, 2007
I can't believe I haven't done this yet.

We have dealt with Mitch on numerous occassions, and he always manages to find us the coolest stuff. From native scorps, to widows that keep pumping out eggsacs, we've gotten a lot of cool native insects/arachnids from Mitch. We consider him to not only be the awesomest arachnopenpal ever, but also a good friend. His packing is good, and so is his communication. We would definitely recommend doing business with him.

Hopefully one of us can get to the other side of the country so we can meet!

Thanks for everything, Mitch.