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Millipedes mating, eggs soon?

Discussion in 'Myriapods' started by BenjaminS, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. BenjaminS

    BenjaminS Arachnopeon

    I caught my Narceus annularis mating this morning and I was wondering how soon do they lay eggs after mating? I wanted to take a pic but It’s dark where they are I did t want to disturb them too much.
  2. Hey, I can’t believe no one ever replied to your post. :( I don’t know if you are still around but I made a post regarding mine laying eggs if you want to see what the eggs look like. :) it can take up to 3 months for eggs to be laid and it can take a few weeks to months for eggs to hatch. It really varies. Narceus are prolific breeders so as long as you have to proper substrate/nutrition you should see eggs. When I first got giant millipedes mine bred like crazy but never laid eggs because I didn’t have the proper substrate for them. So I have to ask, but what do you keep yours on?
    Also, again, I know this is many months later and I’m sorry no one else commented. If I had seen this back then I would have.
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