Millipede Breeding Advice


Aug 7, 2011
Hey guys, I need some millipede breeding advice. I've had a few species of millipedes for quite a while and yet none have bred. They were all wild caught and their main diet consists of hardwood leaves and I occasionally throw in some cucumber. Their substrate is coconut husk.

The main thing I'm trying to breed is Narceus gordanus. There are 10 or 11 of them in a plastic shoebox (at least two are male). I've opened the lid once to see a pair reproducing so I'm quite confused. I've had these guys for awhile and all I've managed to produce are mite babies (the beneficial species).

The other two species I have are bumblebee millipedes and florida scarlet millipedes. They each have their own plastic container right now containing at least 7 or 8 each.

In these same conditions though, my isopods seemed to have finally bred if that counts for anything.