Millies needed


Old Timer
Aug 13, 2002
Hi all!
For those on the boards who remember me, I've REALLY missed you all! I completely dropped off the planet, caring for my mom.
Ok, the subject line of my post. All of my AGB's have passed on, save a juvie that's still very healthy and alive. (I think they had a darn good run of it, being as they lived for about three and a half years).
I really want to acquire some more Millies, and not just AGB'S. I absolutely love these guys! I know there was a dealer in San Francisco, who has since gone out of business. He had the biggest selection of Millies I've ever seen.
I know Darren at Golden Phoenix Exotica has three different varieties, but he's currently out of AGB's which are my favs. Are there any other dealers out there, that have a fairly large selection of Millies? (I'd like to consolidate my order, due to shipping)
Thanks !