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Michael Faulk (DevilDoll)


Old Timer
Aug 13, 2002
Michael Faulk

I just finished completeling a trade with Mike (Devildoll) and Bryan of Cronoss Bugs...

I received a red tail boa, an A. moderatum, a corn snake, and two chaco slings. All arrived in fantastic shape, and were packed wonderfully.

If given the chance (and I will) I will gladly deal with him again...

Thanks Mike!!


Old Timer
Jan 17, 2003
I just purchased a boa from Mike

and had it shipped out to California to my brother in law.
Mike was very easy to work with, very accomodating and really went the extra mile for me.
The snake arrived on schedule at my b-i-l's in perfect shape. He is very satisfied, and so am I. Mike really takes the time to answer questions (and I have had a ton), and to explain everything.
I highly recommend him, and will definetly refer to him again for any future snake purchases.
Thanks, Mike.


Old Timer
Aug 27, 2002

I responded to a classified ad Faulk had posted here on Arachnopets regarding 17 T's and 2 centipedes. We struck a deal and I sent him a money order. He told me he could ship right away, but I asked him to hold off for a week. When he did ship, 3 of the more expensive T's were not included in the shipment and two were dead. He had apparently packed them for shipping and when I asked him to delay until the following week, he left them packed.

I've attempted numerous times to contact him by phone. The first couple of times he answered and either could not hear me or pretended to not hear me. Since then, he has not answered and will not return my calls.

I'm out about $275. I've tried everything I can think of to resolve this issue and he will not return my calls. I've filed for criminal charges on the matter.