mexican fire leg


Jan 2, 2011
Well the wife and I got a little thrill tonight. We had bought two pretty good sized mexican fire legs which were in large tubs and decided to house them in separate five gallon tanks with decor.

The biggest one was supposed to be a sexed female and the smaller one in this picture was a unsexed male which we were not sure.

Anyways I opened the females container she was very sweet and climbed on my hand and I gently put her in the tank.

When I went to pic up the male he was hesitant about climbing on my hand so I did not want to push him and decided to just put his dish inside the tank and let him climb out himself. Well I sat him down he sat there for about 2 seconds and flew as fast as he could run climbed the tank wall and I mean fast and out on the kitchen counter and flew down to the end.

Wow what a surprise I did not realize these guys were so fast!! He was not calm and slow like the female at all. We finally cornered him and I put him gently in the tank. Well I tried to load the pic it must be oversized.

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