Mexican Black King Snake (Beginner Information)


Mar 9, 2007
Hi I am new to keeping exotic pets and i currently have a Rose Hair Tarantula and i would like to get into snakes too, at my local pet shop they have a baby Mexican Black King Snake and it looks like a cool snake to start with from what ive read they dont seem to be terribly difficult to take care of. I have a few questions and any information would be greatly appreciated.

1. What type of substrate should be used with snakes? (Calci-Sand, Vermiculite, Bed-A-Beast?:confused: )

2. How big of an enclosure is needed for a full grown King Snake?

3. Heating Pad, Heat Emitters, or Heat Lamps:confused: ????

4. Handling? (yes or no, how-to)

5. Calcium supplement? (are they really needed?, what kind do you use?)

Thank you for your time and any advice, sorry if there is already a thread like this.. :confused: :D :worship: