Meta menardi


Old Timer
Jun 8, 2005
Just got home from a quick trip to a cave near me. got a few ok quality pics of a near trogladyte species.. meta menardi, or unlikely M balfouri
Very interesting spider with a noticable different shades between members of the species, some being light, and others being near black.
P1190382 (Large).JPG
P1190392 (Large).JPG
P1190393 (Large).JPG
P1190400 (Large).JPG
P1190409 (Large).JPG
Heres a img link to one that i took early last year.. i have posted the img somewhere here before.

The whole reason we came to this cave was because i knew it to be encased in quartz. My friend was making a traditional drill, and needed a crystal for the drill piece. In my experience they work so well.