meet my pedes, milly and centy


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Dec 8, 2005
need and ID to these buggers, ive been on a trip that supposed to be for hunting scorps and whips, but ive only got these. seems good enough for a 10hour hunting trip...

Centipede, ive got 2 of them and 4 pedelings, large ones are about 2.5 inches, not sure about it, they keep on running away from the ruler. :p

Millipedes, they are microscopic, at first i thought they where velvet worms but they have two pairs of legs on each segment so they are millies. very small. about 1cm+

and a weird red/pink bug that i found cohabitating with them, they look like rolly pollies but they dont roll (lol!!!) ive also seen white ones like this and a few oranges and very less on red ones. about 3mm

sorry for the crappy pics, ive only used webcam, the lens almost touches them LOL!!! :D

if you want some PM me.


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Jan 5, 2005
Steven has posted what species of giant centipedes are in the philipines... i would search that out to start the ball rolling.

if i remember correctly there was a flavor of Scolopendra subspinipes, S. morsitans... and maybe two more species.

oh hell! steven finished his ID-to-genus level key for scolopendromorpha. that willl tell us what pictures we need!

step 1) is there ocelli (eyes) present? it looks like yes, so go to step 2)

step 2) ocelli present again, so goto step A: family Scolopendridae)

step A1) We need pictures of the spiracles. spiracles are the breathing holes on the side of the centipede. try getting single and double lens magnifying glasses to take pictures with. your webcam is better than my brother's cellphone cam and i could take pretty good pics with it using a mag.