Mating weirdness


Aug 11, 2006
Just discovered the secret stud whos been mating all the emp females. My big males have all proved quite useless in this regard (female rejection, them just not being intrested, or the male becoming angry and attacking the female). Any injured during failed matings attempts were put into the 'juvenile' tank.

Last night I discovered that one of the apparent juveniles was mating the female I put in with them. The male in question is only around 4 inches long.

Females who have gone in with this sex crazed dwarf have all recieved no intrest when not exposed to the larger males, so it would appear that they have become gravid.

But, question is, has anyone here ever mated a small male. Were there any problems with the young (low number, the male wasnt fertile so the mating was just going through the motions).

Spermataphors have always been dropped, its only recently I realised which scorpion was doing it.

Any feedback//comments?