Mating Question


Old Timer
Nov 10, 2002
Well, we finally put our C. cyaneopubescens pair together. We put the male's smaller enclosure inside the female's 10 gallon. The first 2 times the male did not leave his enclosure, but she had gone up to him a few times and even webbed up to the entrance of his enclosure. We gave them a few days of seperation and then re-introduced them yesterday. This time, he actually went into her area. She has been acting very interested. Last night, they were facing one another and drumming, but no mating. We decided to leave them together overnight. This morning, he was facing away from her and she was drumming his abdomen with her front legs. She really wants to mate, but her just doesn't seem to want to or know what to do. She has followed him around all night tapping and drumming to no avail. Do some males just not understand what to do?? Is there anthing I can do to induce him to do his thing?? Any advice or experienced would be appreciated.