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Mastigopus giganteus (vinegroon)


Old Timer
Aug 12, 2006
I haven't seen any reports on these, so I figured it would be beneficial to share my self-inflicted, idiotic experience. :eek:

On 3-1-09 at aprox. 11pm I was including my 3+" BL female M.giganteus "Daphne" in a close up photo shoot...right in front of my face. She of course took exception to my breathing and took very accurate aim and shot me directly in the face. It severely burned on contact with my skin and a small amount made it past my glasses and got directly in my eye.
The skin/eye burn lasted only 2-3 minutes...but the next day I had a pretty good sized water-blister on my eyeball. It itched just like poison ivy and has lasted for 4 days.
The blister is greatly reduced this morning, but still itches like mad. Visine AC does provide some measure of relief, however.

(The pictures turned out great, though!) {D