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Mastigoproctus giganteus (giant US vinegaroon)


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May 8, 2010
result:very successful :D

Feb 8, 2011
My Brothers' vinegaroon had recently molted into a mature male after being in the molting chamber
almost 5 months but date of said molt is still unknown. I had purchased an adult female vinegaroon back in september hoping
to breed it.

moment of truth
time was around 7:00 pm pacific
mating behavior at first was seen to be very aggressive for both male and female
the female did not seem to be very responsive and usually charged at the male
the male however was more focused on grabbing the females sensitive first pair of legs
after many attempts we had decided to wedge a pencil between them which allowed the male to successfully grab
and coress the females first pair of legs. male was seen leading the female to a flat surface with her first pair of legs
underneath his chelicerae. this behavior lasted about 4 hours before the next phase took place.
after a preferred location was found the female was witnessed behind the male grabbing his abdomen with her chelicerae
we believed it to be her squeezing the sperm packet from the male because after 5 hours the male had climbed on top of the female
and had proceeded to insert the sperm packet into her spermethea. this was the longest process as it took around 9 hours for the female
to absorb the packet.

3 months have passed with the female fed as much as she can each week. May 8, 2011 (mothers day, lol) she begins to lay her eggs
inside a large chamber she excavated a few weeks ago. The enclosure she was kept in was a medium kritter keeper with 4-6 inches
of moistened coco fiber with a piece of cork bark for a hide. the egg laying process only took a few hours. what was observed was a
large whitish glob fallowed by many spherical eggs. 2 months pass and the mom was kept solotary underneath a shelf
were it remained mostly dark. humidity was kept high but with a lot of ventilation as for the temperature stayed constant at high 70's
but mostly room temp.

Around mid June the membrane that held the sack had a little tore in it this was however nothing i drew in concern about as the eggs still remained in tacked and the mom still carried them around. as the month went on tiny legs and red circular eyes could be seen forming around the eggs. Early july had come and the have begun to emerge, tearing the membrane the babies had began to pour out climbing up the mom one by one. no babies were seen to be eaten. time of hatching around 8:45. there were 51 babies in total XD . early July they began to molt into 2nd instar and started to leave the mothers back.