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marty the bug guy (www.martythebugguy.com)


Arachnosupporter +
Nov 22, 2009
NEGATIVE beware:

Out of good faith I sent marty 20 brachypelma albopilosums with an extra freebee without getting money for shipping or the T's several weeks ago. He would always reply to my emails and pm's within 24 hrs until he got my package. I have been trying to get ahold of him to finish the transaction so that I wouldn't have to write a bad review. His first excuse was that his computer was in the shop and now its been two weeks from then and I still haven't received any payment, and if you look on his profile the last time he logged on was 11/02/2010 at 9:50, which means he has received my warnings about getting a bad review and has ignored me. This man is a thief BEWARE.

Sorry to add tob that his website is www.martythebugguy.com he sells roaches. Beware