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Mark Dulaney a8kmand8@aol.com


Old Timer
Dec 22, 2006

I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I bought a few T's from Mark's wife Lisa without incident. She posted on petbugs.com that she was looking for a male A. seemani for a breeding loan. My first T was a A. seemani and he had just recently matured. After talking, I sent him to her overnight for breeding. Lisa informed me that breeding took place but that my male was killed. I was brand new to all of this just recently in the hobby. This was my first pet T and I was very disappointed. I contacted her a few weeks later about the breeding attempt. She stated that it was sucessful she thought but that it would be 4-6 months to find out for sure. I didn't know it would take this long and was so disappointed. She offered to send me a few of her G. rosea slings if she could keep the majority of A. seemani slings. I said yes. Set a date to ship them to me and nothing happened. At this point I spent 2 months trying to contact her with no answer. I noticed a person named Mark with a different email address posting very similiar items for sale on petbugs.com from the same state (MD). I contacted him to see if he might know what happened to her. Turns out Mark is her husband. He tells me she is on bed rest due to pregnancy. I figured this explains everything. Told him the deal I had worked out with Lisa. He writes back that he sold all the G. rosea slings. Also states that he doesn't like spiders at all and is selling off most of her T's to make room for the baby. Mark then says that he talked to his wife and was going to send me an adult female G. rosea to make up for the mistake. I tell him great if they do that they can keep all the A. seemani slings. Two weeks later I finally get him to respond and he tells me he will ship it next month. Next month comes and nothing. During this time he posts several for sell items as well as interest in obtaining additional males for breeding. I thought, hmm thats strange. After several emails, I get ahold of him and he says the weather is too cold to ship until next month. He then tells me that the A. seemani has a sack now would I like to wait and get half of it? Tells me it would be another 2-4 months. At this point I was wondering, what is going on? He was posting more males that he was interested in obtaining. I contacted him and said just send me the G. rosea and you keep the slings. Never heard from him again. Tried over and over to contact him for about 1 1/2 months. Ealy this week I see him post on petbugs.com again, doing business as usual. I left a warning post about him to let others know my experience. He then posts that the reason he didn't send me anything is that I was inpatient. Also that he tried to work things out and was done dealing with me. Pretty convient since he never really kept his end of the deal. I have over 130 transactions on ebay with 100% positive feedback. Half selling the other half buying. Never in my life have I had trouble resolving a deal with someone until this happened. From now on I will only sell any males that I have. Just becareful who you do business with. Sorry for the long post but this was a nightmare and just want to make sure he doesn't do this again.