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Maraca cabocla


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Mar 30, 2008

Successful Breeding : Took place on approximatly 11-02-2010

Breeding 1 (The most amazing breeding I have seen): Female and Male were introduced and it was a one shot chance. The male courted the female rocking back and forth tapping. The female danced foward then back several times until standing almost verticle. The male quickly shot in and immediatly the female locked him, jumped on to her back, and while the insertion was being made crushed him and ate him from her back. Normaly the female is very docile, more so then my rose hairs or chacos, but her masacre of the male was a sight to be seen.

At 45 days of incubation all were at 1st I and the count was well over 150. Thus far the little ones at 3rd I. are already webbing and showing coloration. Simply an amazing specie to observe breeding.


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