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AF Exotics

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Jun 15, 2006
As was mentioned in the other thread Rick started ,we went a little off topic ,but one of the members brought up an event that has sadly compromised the availability of this wonderful site .I received a reply from Rick and was given the ok to post this here on the AB .

Dear Friends and tarantula enthusiasts -

On January 6th 2011, galleries were infected by malware. The Admin

website, where images are added/changed/deleted, did not catch the problem until it was too

late. The company ‘scrubbers’ erased the malware – along with the galleries. I will change the

host company, use the latest security software and rebuild the galleries, however, this cost is

more than I can afford on my own. Although the actual image database is safe, and can be

re-installed, it would be subject to the same attack as before unless new changes are made.

I have financed the website without any ads, sponsorship banners, grants or financial assistance

for 11 years so that agencies and tarantula enthusiasts could enjoy the images. Now, I regret to

say that I need to ask for financial contributions towards rebuilding and maintaining the galleries

for the continued enjoyment by all who login to the website. Contributions can

be made through the PayPal link found on the homepage or mailed to the

address on the Contact webpage of that website.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding and assistance.

Rick C. West

I know times are tough ,but every little bit helps .The guy is one of a few out there that has really done his share of work ,not only in the world of Taxonomy ,but is a friend to the hobbyist as well .