Male jumping spider jumps on female?


Nov 28, 2019
Okay so, today my sister brought in a surprise. A really big male jumping spider. Later today (about 30 mins ago) I caught what I assume is a female from the same species. To confirm if they are the same kind I placed them together in a glass container I had. I only wanted to see signs of male courting and when I finally saw him waving his fronts I removed my hand from the container to get them out. They were together tops 20 secs. Both spider rushed up towards the lid and then the male jumped on the female. Like, he was latched on her, and not in a typical mating 69 pose(his head was on top of her head). I don't think he was hungry because moments earlier he ate a fly his size. I immediately threw them out and proceeded to separate them. I didn't see if he bit her or not but she is still walking around right now. Does seem a bit confused though.
Does anybody know what the H just happened?
He either tried to kill her or forcibly mate with her(I have no idea if it is possible).
I also want to note I didn't ID the spieces yet.
Here are these two:


Edit: I think these are Evarcha Arcuata. The female is about 6-7mm and the male is about 6-7 mm as well. Though I'd say he is bigger than her.
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Aug 8, 2005
Use your imagination. Think of ANY reason, rational or irrational, for them to do what they did. Anything is possible. The only thing predictable about animals, humans included, is their unpredictability.
I've seen stallions attack mares, ears flat, teeth bared and charge. Never knew why.