Malaysian Earth Tiger


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Jul 19, 2002
Malaysian Earth Tiger-Cyriopagopus Schioedeti

or should i say "malaysian tree tiger" heh ,just finsihed reading a very cool chat sesseion with Mark P. about a malaysian tour , very informative, apparently they found large numbers of them in trees 3 meters off the ground and some of them had been kinda living close to each other almost communaly like some pecilotheria sp. in the wild , very intresting to read,very cool, also that there are 2 color morphs , one is more an overall green with tiger stripes and the other(from the camaroon highlands) is more of a blue color with gray, heres a link for anyone intrested in reading about it:)

I'm taking that this was one of the "malaysian earth tiger tours"
seriously sounded like some great fun and an adventure...

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