Maintain Heat and humidity with lamp for several species


Nov 19, 2016
A lot of those care sheets were written by kids as school projects, most likely regurgitating info from the first sheet that popped up on the ol' google. It serves to perpetuate the myths and inaccurate info. We understand you love your T's and want to keep them warm - I think most of us just want to encourage you to seek alternate ways to do that. :happy:


Mar 20, 2017
I built a foam box with a lexan front to keep my T's warm. I used a 5050 LED light strip off of Ebay, and that provides most of the heat. I also have the 8 watt heat pad on the back. My living space is around 60F, especially in the winter, so this way I can keep my T's warm. Also very important to have a thermometer in there and check temps the first couple of days to make sure it doesn't get too hot.

I can change the color of the LED strip so I use red mostly to observe and heat the enclosure.

Oh and the Lexan I bought at Home Depot. Just score it with a knife like 15 times, then snap it. I bought the thin stuff, it's a little over 2mm thick.

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