M female B. smithi mated again with a new fresh male...temps?


Old Timer
Jul 29, 2012
Hey all, a year ago I posted about my female b. smithi pairing with a male. She molted two months ago (she was new to me so I had no idea when her last molt had been).

One of my males hooked out. Timing was great. So far they have paired three times. The last one was today, pic attached if I can figure it out again.

I have read completely different POVs on temps during and after pairing. Right now she is in a cooler area of the house so temps can drop down to 65F regularly. One place I read said cool temps are good for breeding, higher temps later in the cycle. Another said the opposite. Also, it was harder to power feed her before, since she was only minimally interested in food due to the cold weather.

In a few days I will have a heated cabinet and can make it any temp I want. I will keep pairing them as long as they will tolerate each other.

My question is what temp she should be at during and after pairing? Thank you!

Blue Jaye

Sep 16, 2013
Well since they paired for you your temps are ok really a bit cold imo but they did the job. Warm her up 78-82 should be good. She won't drop a sac or have the will to make one if she's too cold. Feed her well and with warmer temps she should produce a sac sooner than later. I would suggest not pairing the male any more if they already had two good pairings. Your female can only hold so much sperm and it's nothing more than risking the males life if you continue to pair. Maybe send him on to someone else that has a female ready to pair. Hope that helps.