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Lychas scutilus

Greg Pelka

Old Timer
Apr 29, 2005
After 8-years dealing with venomous invertebrates, I've been finally stung ;)

Adult, WC female of Lychas scutilus. Moving to transportation cage. Just wanted put some extra handkerchief one her, when I felt sting. Involuntarily I've close the cage in case of escape.

Date: 01-10-2012, 13:30 (1:30 PM)
13:30 - Sting in top of my left thumb. Immediately acute, stinging local pain appear. Also some small congestion.
13:35 - I ate 2 tabl of Encorton (prednizon, 2x 20mg - anti-shock prevention) and 15mg of meloxicam (sirup for horses :p (I work as a vet) - pain menagement). Local ice compress.
14:20 - Pain is very, very powerful. I can compare to stinging with incandescent needle. Pain radiates through whole thumb.
15:00 - Pain is getting weaker.
15:30 - Almost no pain. Pins and needles, and some very weak pain.
16:00 - Just pins and needles.
23:00 - Still Pins and needles.

Using ice compress/anything frozen makes huge relief. When my thumb was frozen - no pain! Take the ice out, i can't stand the pain for 5sec. Even Lychas scutilus's venom is not very potent - only local signs, the pain was very nasty. Do not recommend to anyone! ;)

Best regards from rainy Thailand!
Greg Pelka