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Lychas infuscatus


Old Timer
Dec 19, 2006
got tagged last night by a 3i Lychas infuscatus i purchased on the same day.

was rehousing them to their new vertical cups when one of the stingers came out running through my palm when i tried to get it with a spoon. with my experiences with regards to bark scorpions running on my hand (I.maculatus, L.mucronatus, C.gracilis,sculpturatus,margaritatus and R.junceus) i normally just scoop them with a spoon or a brush.

then... BAAMM!!! the sting is similar to being pierced with a hot needle, a slight swelling which looks like a mosquito bite with a red dot on the center. however, the pain subsides after 2 minutes, ten minutes it is completely gone, though i still have the "RED DOT" to remind me of my oddventure. maybe because it was still 3i but i wouldn't want to try when they (hopefully) matured.

did i think of crushing this tiny stinging scorp when it tagged me? not a chance but i learned something, true that experience may be harsh but still the best teacher.