Lucky me & possibly unlucky me


Old Timer
Apr 16, 2006
Came home today & decided to check on both my P. murinus. I keep the backs of their containers to the wall so I can't see into them, sometimes I pick them up for a looksee into the tunnels.


My suspected male had molted (judging from this molt, I still suspect male. Think I damaged it a little bit though so i'm not 100% sure.)

I just fed everyone 2 days ago. I gave him two crickets & heard him slam against the plastic so I assumed (never assume anything...) he got them. Nope. I found one feasting on the dead body of another, but amazingly it looks like he webbed them into a pocket so they couldn't get to him. I feel horrible about that. I did remove the live one.

Possibly unlucky.

He was large enough before, that if he is a he, could mature at any time :rolleyes: I was hoping, and am still hoping (couldn't get a good view of his front to look for ultimate molt signs) that he wouldn't/won't mature until my female molts.