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Jun 13, 2007

I ordered 5 scorplings from loyaluntodeath. When they arrived, the paper towel was bone dry and there was no food remains in the vial. 2 of the 5 scorps were dead and the other 3 weren't very active (don't know if they will make it). I was only surprised by this because the scorps were only 2nd instars and are more fragile than the typical shipped scorp. I sent a pm to him and he responded that he did moisten the paper towel, but not much because he was afraid they would drown. He also said that he fed them just before sending. The package arrived 3 days after he sent it (priority shipping). There was a corrected zip code on the package. The post office said it sat for one day because the shipper put a wrong zip code (it had 6 digits) and they had to find out where it was supposed to be sent. This is the first time for me that priority shipping took the full 3 days. All i know is - I ordered priority and I know it can be risky (no guarantee), but I have not lost $ on critters using priority before. The paper towel was not moistened IMO - there was no evidence of moisture in an almost sealed vial. To be honest, I am also p.o.'d to pay $10 shipping and have the shipment sent in a $.25 vial which was in a $.50 post office box where the actual shipping cost $.55. The scorps could have been packaged better if the seller is charging $10 for a $1.30 actual shipping cost. The seller has not offered to remedy situation. I will not buy from this seller again.
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