Jan 28, 2016
I can't claim this idea for my own, but I cut a large hole in the bottom of my larger AMACS and glued a plastic bottle top. Now I can feed and water without opening the whole thing. I've seen this from a couple of people now but can't remember who.
I've drill my poec enclosures with a slightly bigger hole over the water dish so I could water with a dropper. I've always opened the enclosure to feed though. Neat idea.


Jan 27, 2017
I did in fact receive my order from Tanya at FearNotTarantulas and she did not apoligize once for the escape out of her "Beginner Habitat". I emailed her that I found it and she then emails and says this "That is so good to hear! I normally put electrical tape over the hole on the underside of the lid if the spiderling is smaller - and drill small holes on the sides. "

Hey well don't you think this was important information to include in your description or maybe even in an email??? All of her responses made me feel like she cared very little that my first sling/T ever escaped from the Habitat she sold me as pre setup ready to go. Questions I asked about the slings received quick responses that basically summed up to figure it out yourself. On a positive note she did say in her last email that they are no longer using the habitat that I was sent.
Wow that's a shame. I usually do most of my business through Tanya because she's quasi local and I always get a quick response. Admittedly I never used her's or anyone's pre-made enclosures as I've always made them myself. Making the enclosures is one of the things I find fun about the hobby.