Looking to get a T, Help?


Old Timer
Oct 16, 2004
Just as a note, all animals are individuals with their own temperment, but rosies are even more so I think. :p

Rosies run the full gamut between rock and unholy terror, and that can be the same tarantula over a single day!

My girl (Miss Piggie) is actually one of my faves in my collection, but I like aggressive tarantulas so her psychotic tendencies are just fine by me. She was very docile at the pet store but the first time I tried to skootch her with a paintbrush she yanked it right out of my hand and chomped on it for a couple of minutes. :D Normally you use a paintbrush to skootch them away from things, instead I use mine to lure her as I know she's more interested in grabbing things out of my hand then running away from them. She is also surprisingly pretty and practically every time I take the time to really look at her I find something else cool about her appearance.

I wouldn't necessarily discourage someone from getting one, I think their availability makes them hughly underrated, but I will say that you definately have to be prepared for anything from a boring lump to an eight legged rabid pitbull.