Looking for a pet? Advice on species?


Aug 7, 2008
Looking for a pet, Advice on species?

So I'm looking for a new millipede (or two) to share a tank with some hissers. I previously had an african giant millipede that was given to me. I had her for a few years (she came to me after sitting in a pet shop for at least 5 years and she was an adult when she got there), best dorm pet I could have asked for.

Well, now that the wild caught ones can't be imported I simply can't afford another african giant :( so I'm looking into some other species. Found these lighter colored "Narceus Gordonus" on a sale site and WOW, they're pretty. However my google-fu has given me nothing on the care of these guys? What do they prefer diet wise? can they live with my hissers? Temperature and humidity requirements? Preferred substrate (my hissers are on coco fiber, is this okay?) Are they a more challenging species (I still would consider myself a newbie on this, so something relatively hardy would be nice)? Anything I should know?

Also, any other species recommendations for this situation? I have 5 hissers in a 10 gallon (though I predict I'm due for another 60 or so out of my two girls), I plan on moving them to a 20 gallon if I get the millipedes (is this enough room?) I'd like to keep only one tank if possible so I need something that would have no problem in the same tank. I do not have much access to rotting wood or leaves that are safe for bug consumption so I'd prefer a species that likes veggies I can buy or grow.

Thanks in advance :)
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Elytra and Antenna

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Sep 12, 2002
There are many options but I'd suggest Orthoporus ornatus because you can buy a good sized adult for a decent price and they accept lower humidity than other species. This species comes in brown or yellow and tan banded. Here's the prettier one.