Long-Bodied Cellar Spider 3-Day-Old Egg Sac - Please Advise


Nov 2, 2016
Hi folks!

New to the forum, but have a burning question (tl;dr is at the bottom):

I have a cellar spider that lives behind my nightstand (so about a foot away from my face when I sleep each night), and I'm happy to have her there. (It seems like a good arrangement: she's protected from my clumsy, big ol' human self accidentally squishing her, and eats whatever woodlice and/or problem pests show up. I'm happy to let cellar spiders chill in corners/strategic locations around the house (I'm especially keen when they take out mosquitos and deter ants), and if they show up in inconvenient places (where I'm worried they'll get squished), I move them to a better spot with readily-available food.)

But as of a couple days ago, she now has an egg sac she's carrying around. I'm a bit less thrilled having a couple/few dozen new babies making their way all over my bedroom (once they leave her care). So do I put her on the patio, where there's cover, a tremendous food supply, and not-too-bad outdoor temps/conditions (I'm in the roughly-Santa Barbara area, so it's been "cold" at night, but it rarely ever gets near freezing)? (It seems like a great habitat, as many cellar spiders have lived there over the years -- and I think this one will hold her own, as she is pretty darn big!) Or do I leave her and just pretend I didn't see the soon-to-hatch bebehs, as this is probably happening all throughout my house without my knowledge anyways?

TL;DR: I have a female cellar spider that lives next to my bed, with a new egg sac. Do I relocate her (I don't mind her there, but I'm not super excited about a few dozen more about to join the fold), or move her to the almost-as-nice patio (sunny Santa Barbara)?

Thank you so very much for any advice, thoughts, insight!!


Feb 22, 2014
Could just collect the eggsack and breed the species ;) I would move them. As long as you are careful with the eggsack, but I have never removed and given back and eggsack ever.


Feb 6, 2016
I would move her and the eggsack :) I once made the mistake of letting a female sac spider let her eggs loose, it was bad, trust me, you literally couldn't walk a foot without being smacked in the face with a web from a tiny baby spider, and webbing appeared everywhere by my walls. I don't know if it's the same for cellar spiders, but I would just move her anyway for your own convenience~