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Live Cargo - La Mesa, CA (San Diego)



Live Cargo is one of my favorite places to go in San Diego. The first thing you see as you walk in the door is a stack of 200+ tarantulas on shelves. right next to that are the milli's, centipedes, scorpions, vinegaroons, sunspiders, mantids, beetles & bugs. If you manage to get past there before the store closes at night, you'll see a ton of rare herps, fish, and amphibians. my daughter nearly lost it the first time she saw the sandfish in action! they prominently display all necessary licenses, and the staff is very open and easy to talk with. they'll also look for anything you want that they don't have. their prices are reasonable, considering that they're running a rare animal store, and the selection is awesome. i'd never seen an adult common blue bloom in person before, or an adult sunspider, or for that matter an adult H. gigas!
If you're in San Diego gimme a call or email and I'll tell you how to get down to the shop. (i don't work there, i'm just a fan).