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Lighting Question.. Exo Night Glo

Discussion in 'Scorpions' started by Lamonte219, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Lamonte219

    Lamonte219 Arachnopeon

    Hey guys.. 1st Post, 1st time scorp owner.. Simple question, i have done alot of reading n have heard Alot of different opinions on lighting. I have heard that UV can harm scorps, and that black lights can kill. Now my question is, does that mean that if my scorpion is glowing is this harming him?

    I have been using a new Exo-Terra Night Glo lamp that is supposed to simulate moon light. Before i just left it completely dark.. but He seems to be enjoying the night glo (been really active when it is on) but i do not want to harm him jus because i can finally see him at night and becuase it looks cool (he glows green :) ).

    Please help anything will be greatly appreciated im a bit worried to be honest. Id love to be able to keep the cool lookin night glo on all night.

    For details on my lighting system this chart shows the UV that is put out.


    My setup..

    Everything Exo-Terra line.

    Exo Natural Terrarium Medium
    2 Exo Heating pads (under tank/side, which i alternate for temp etc)
    Exo Sun Glo + Night Glo lamps for cycle
    About 4-6 inches of exo coco fiber tropical sub
    2 hides (one natural burrow)
    85-95 F. Low 80's at night. 75ish humidity
    Onlt one scorp in tank
  2. Roblicious

    Roblicious Arachnodemon

    I asked the same question and I have the same exact setup for my emp.

    I have a link too but you are gonna get the same information I am about to tell you

    ditch the sun glo FOR SURE, UV is bad for them. Place the heat mat on the sides, the only problem with heat mats is that the scorpion often huddles next to it.

    Never place the heat mat under the tank it will roast the scorpion when it digs to escape the heat

    night glo is 'fine' according to the chart, but I ditched the entire lamp canopy and got a IR bulb + lamp that clamps on to the side of the lid perfectly, spend the 20 bucks for the lamp and bulb, 50-75W is all you need

    IR = Infrared, scorpions cant see red so it wont harm them and it allows you to view at night.

    I aim it down and into the enclosure and its at 80-85, as for humidity those gauges suck even the digital ones arent that good, use your hands to see if it good or not, touch the substrate and squeeze if its moist you are fine. Pour a cup or 2 of water in once a week and it shuold keep the humidity 80+, or if you want you can mist but that lasts a few hours.

    My emp is a pet hole and only sticks his claws out thats it though.

    Good luck
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2011
  3. This has been asked a few times. UV is harmful if the scorpions are exposed to it too much or too often. Everything else seems to be alright. Good temperature, though make sure the heating pad is on the side.
  4. Lamonte219

    Lamonte219 Arachnopeon

    Hey thanks a lot for the help guys. I agree with getting rid of the sun glo. Its emitting way to much heat for my small tank and it is def putting out UVA. I don't want to chance anything, so I'm looking into a IR cycle setup but its a bit costly.

    I do have a question tho, what kinds of day lighting are you guys using? I jus want something I can see well during the day that's not going to harm him you know.

    Also I jus started doing the whole sub soak thing to keep the humidity going as misting was useless, but I have noticed that the sub still seems just as damp as it was wen I started? Haha if that makes sense. But anyways I appreciate the help, I'm glad I can sleep at night lol
  5. I usually don't turn on the lights because it is bright enough with the sun. If it is too dark then I just turn on regular lights for a while to observe or take care of them.

    I just mist in my cages, sometimes I move aside a section of the substrate and mist the bottom until it seems wet enough, then let capillary action bring the water back up through the substrate, or I use a straw, stick it into the substrate until it reaches the bottom of the enclosure, and then drip water down it to moisten the substrate. Soaking it should be alright to, just make sure it is not too wet...in fact, not wet at all, but just slightly damp.;)
  6. Roblicious

    Roblicious Arachnodemon

    If you use a 50w IR lamp you can leave it on 24/7 and be around 80-85 degrees, the scorpion will move to wherever its cooler

    Roughly for a 50w IR light:

    6" away is about 93, 12" is about 88, and 18" is about 83 degrees according to a scale the bulb came with.

    I am assuming you got a 12x12x12 5g exo terra right? same one I got, my lamp is about 15" from the bottom and my thermo reads 80 right now and thats on the cool end, so I would guess its around 85-88 on the heated end. Which is perfect.
  7. scorpguy

    scorpguy Arachnopeon

    As stated by the others I would say get rid of the day glo bulb. According to the website, the night glo should be fine since it doesnt produce UV rays. I have been using it to heat and view my scorps 24/7 for a few months and they seem very active at night with it on.

    As far as humidity goes I have had success with pouring a little less than a cup onto the substrate on one half on the enclosure a couple times a week and filling thier water bowl daily.
  8. Always ask yourself - Where does my scorpion come from, what is it's environment like, and what does it do in that environment? Scorpions are exposed to UV rays but they normally don't spend much time under them during the daylight. In captivity scorpions are put in a small environments with limited range...They have no place to run!

    I mostly raise African species of scorpions and these particular species com from ungodly environments where it is extremely hot and with intense sunshine.:evil: But they don't hang-out on a rock during the lunch hour. They are either underground or lying under a scrape, only venturing out at night when its dark and the weather cools.

    First, ditch the Sun-Glo as suggested earlier. I do things different because I have lots of scorpions and I keep them inside of their containers in empty 75 gallon aquariums. It's easier for me to control the temperature this way. I only utilize available light but do have several clear standard incandescent bulbs over my tanks(15 watt - torpedo style) that I use during the winter for light, not heat, and in case I need to check on them at night.

    The IR bulbs are what I use along with heat emitters. You might want to try using those Zilla Night bulbs. These are the bulbs that put out the purple light. I used to use them with no ill affects to my scorpions and the quality of their light is less bright than the blue bulbs but still supply heat. Maybe someone else can say if they're safe for arachnids.

    Congratulations on your new scorpion and I hope you have good look with it.
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