Lettuce is bad?


Jul 27, 2017
So today i wanted to check out what can beardies eat, yes i dont remember everything, and i saw, in 2 different websites, that lettuce got 0 nutritions value for lizards. I know this is true, but to my surprise, i also saw that it can cause diarrheia. I Know lettuce is mostly water, but i've never seen my bearded dragon have diarrheia. Note though, i dont only feed him lettuce, i also give him, carrot, bell pepper, and banana occasionally, usually once or twice a month. I just want to point out that lettuce might not be the most nuttrient rich food for beardies, but it certainly is good, if your beardie doesnt drink water from its bowl, like mine. He only hydrates himself every time i give him a bath (once per 5-10 days), or i feed him lettuce (almost 2-3 times a week). Just dont believe everything you see on the internet :p.